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Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon? Ever heard that phrase? Well, if you were one of the many waiting for that blue moon I hope you didn’t miss it last night. The last one was in 2009, the next one in 2015. What a spectacular sight!!! Terry, my husband, Terri Mae, his daughter, Rod, her husband and myself took the opportunity to enjoy the blue moon from the water.
We loaded up the jon boat and the canoe and hit the lake. We arrived at the lake around 8 pm and after unloading the boats we were ready to take a late night stroll.

We had never been to this particular lake before so I was watching extra close to the area directly in front of us. The last of the sun light was just about gone. The moon lit the water pretty well….we could see the light reflecting from the water.

The trip began in the lake and we scurried across it heading toward the river that fed it.

Houses on the river lit the banks, the evening call of the wild began to pierce through the trees. We came around a bend and the full beauty of the moon was clear. The clouds surrounding the moon gave a mysterious glow…almost a harvest moon. The stars were bright like a million diamonds in the sky.

We rode through the lily pads until the depth was less than a foot. We tied the boats together and Terry and Rod took turns using their trolling motors to cruise up river. Terri Mae and I stood in the boats and felt the wind through our hair…the cool against our faces. The ride was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again.


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