everyday life as I know it






Stella, a daughter-in-law was at the house visiting with two of her kids, Lenea and Christopher. Chance, Terri Mae’s son was also there as had stayed over the night before with Christopher. Chance, age 5 and Christopher age 7 are out back playing with sticks and acorns. I had a great idea…..”hey boys,” I bellowed from the upper deck. “Grab that bucket over there, load you a whole bunch of acorns, and see who can throw the farthest over that fence into the trees.” I’m thinking….Terry will be so proud of me, I got all the nuts out of the yard so mowing wouldn’t be a combative sport similar to that of dodge ball. Go me!!

Stella and i return to our business of unpacking boxes from my recent move. The house was still cluttered and the items we need….somewhere in one of these boxes. We were making great progress….the boys gathering acorns, Lenea folding clothes….she is such a good helper. A little coffee and we were buzzing through boxes and making a house a home.

I heard a strange noise….I looked at Stella. TING! TING! What in the heck?!? It’s coming from the back of the house. We peek out the back window only to find the boys throwing the acorns at a previously made target in the backyard. Ohhhhhh man…I was trying to get the nuts out of the yard…now they’re just moved across the yard….great….all that hard work in getting them moved…what to do? What to do!!



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