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Ridge Update



Been super busy lately……we decided to run/acquire a goat farm, set up deer stands for the upcoming hunting season, worked on the truck that insists on being unfixable, and began winterizing our farm for winter. Wheeeeew!! Tired now!!


The goats: mom calls and says would you like some goats? I reply with, in the spring maybe. She calls a couple days later and says the goats are free. Well, I like anyone looking for the deal of a lifetime was very interested in free. I live by ‘if it’s free, it’s for me’!! So we make the 3 hour trip to mom’s to pick up our new family members. The mama, Sara, and her two kids are loaded and ready for the trip south. My brother James came by and started talking about a bloodhound that was looking for a home….and again….if it is free, it is for me and Cletus a full grown bloodhound joined the traveling group for the ride to their new home.


Sara and the kids settled right into their stall and pin. We have luscious grass and no animals have been here in awhile, I hoped they liked what we had to offer. I researched raising goats to make sure we were on the right track and found that goats don’t eat much grass….they prefer brush, trees, weeds, high brushy grasses, and the rougher things in life. Well, I guess I struck out there with the luscious grass. They nibble on the grass, but you can tell they want the edge of the yard where the brush is.

While we were picking up Sara, the seller, Johnny, offered and talked us into two more goats. Another doe, this one pregnant and a billy. The billy was all the kids’ dad. Lucy only had one kid, another buck to add to the herd. We now have some for sale in order to acquire more does. They are pretty cool to watch frolicking about the pin…Terry gave them some blocks and a slide to play on and they love it.

Cletus, the bloodhound, is doing excellent. We set him all up and he seems happy. He is a sweetheart!!


Terry has hunting on his mind. His son, cousins, and a friend all itching to go hunting came out to scope it all out. They set some stands and the boys took their bows into the woods to try their luck. They saw a little activity, but nothing close enough to get with a bow. That just made their fever worse….


Our truck of 3 years has a little problem. The air suspension pump decided it was ready to retire and our truck now sits on the frame and will make you sea sick to ride in. Went from the best ride to the worse ride in just a couple minutes. We look like rag dolls being tossed all over. Terry calls it the paralyzer. It literally hurts to go for a ride. So one of the boys, Chris and Terry worked on an after market air shock system. They used the line from the air shocks and hooked them in through our air bags and now we just stop at a local station and pump up the shocks. Now our ‘before taking a trip’ stop consists of gas, oil, and air for tires and shocks…lol…mom and dad always said the more features and stuff you have, the more to brake down later!! I reckon they are right.

Tuesday our fuel tank was delivered for the furnace…all this winterizing and we still didn’t have heat. Luckily, it’s been a little cold, but not too much for us to handle with a kerosene heater.

I love the seasons change. The colors, the cool!! I’ve tried to take daily pics of the ridge as it is changing fast. We went to mom’s for a couple of days and when we came back….wow, lots of change. It is beautiful out there. The reds and coppers and orange, and yellow….ohhhhh I love fall!!



T Mae’s Tattoo

Terri Mae, my step daughter, is getting a tatoo today.


Grimey and T Mae are going over final tweaks on color before the gun comes out…

Let’s see what it looks like……looks great, Grimey!! Beautiful artwork.

Alrighty, let’s get this started!!


She started about an hour ago…first nervous and excited then making faces like someone was twisting a needle in her gut. Most areas don’t seem to be so painful, but some are bringing her right off the table 🙂 I’m only enjoying this a little bit!

20120925-141354.jpgCheck out that grip!!!

I think I see the outline….lookin’ good!! I know the tender spots..lol…come on T Mae, just hang in there!! I don’t know if I could commit to the size and pain of this tattoo. She’s got me on this me one!


This is only our first setting at Grimey’s…more to come within a couple of weeks….feel free to visit grimeyinctattoos.com



Apple Festival


So here we are…. Our true fall kick off…the Apple Festival. How fitting,  tomorrow is officially the first day of fall. The Apple Festival is the tiny street fair like that held in most small towns across America.

It’s comical watching the city officials hustle around to put on a good show. The city welcomes the disruption with open arms. All the city streets totalling 7 blocks are closed off, rides and concessions blocking thru traffic. Downtown businesses close their doors to operate their booth in the street.

We drive around hoping for a close parking spot….hot dog…. parking only 2 blocks away from the G Force ride. I can smell the fryers. They are turned up and and a scent of perfected deep fried specialties fill the streets… the sausage, the funnel cakes and elephant ears….ohhhhhh and don’t forget all the apple concoctions. Apple butter,  apple cider,  apple cider slush, apple piie, apple cobbler, apple dumplings,  and the list goes on…. after all,  it is the Apple Festival.

The town folk come out… to wonder the streets, to visit and run into  people they haven’t seen in years, admire the fall crafts,  and see a glimpse of Christmas 🙂

I love our little town and the things that make a small town special.


Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon? Ever heard that phrase? Well, if you were one of the many waiting for that blue moon I hope you didn’t miss it last night. The last one was in 2009, the next one in 2015. What a spectacular sight!!! Terry, my husband, Terri Mae, his daughter, Rod, her husband and myself took the opportunity to enjoy the blue moon from the water.
We loaded up the jon boat and the canoe and hit the lake. We arrived at the lake around 8 pm and after unloading the boats we were ready to take a late night stroll.

We had never been to this particular lake before so I was watching extra close to the area directly in front of us. The last of the sun light was just about gone. The moon lit the water pretty well….we could see the light reflecting from the water.

The trip began in the lake and we scurried across it heading toward the river that fed it.

Houses on the river lit the banks, the evening call of the wild began to pierce through the trees. We came around a bend and the full beauty of the moon was clear. The clouds surrounding the moon gave a mysterious glow…almost a harvest moon. The stars were bright like a million diamonds in the sky.

We rode through the lily pads until the depth was less than a foot. We tied the boats together and Terry and Rod took turns using their trolling motors to cruise up river. Terri Mae and I stood in the boats and felt the wind through our hair…the cool against our faces. The ride was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again.

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