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Rainy Day on the Ridge…Bed Repair

It’s a rainy day up here on the ridge. We’ve seen lots of rain in the past two weeks; the season change is in the air as winter approaches. We have already had a snowfall… came from the hurricane and not typical for us for that time of year. Usually, we end up with good winter days in January and February. I can remember many Christmas travels done in the rain/sleet/snow weather versus the snowy weather. It does feels like we are at unseasonably warm temps for December, though. So, as it rains, I think of all the outside jobs we have still to do. Of course, there is plenty to do on the inside, but I was just thinkin’…..

A couple days ago, Terry and I were messing around in the bedroom, play fighting…(don’t worry, this isn’t that kind of blog :)) and I pushed, he pulled, and we ended up falling on the corner of the bed. Needless to say, we broke it… Terry looked it over and Terry-rigged it until he could get to it. It held, but was extremely uncomfortable. Daytime obligations pushed the bed fix off by two days. So, this rainy day on the ridge will be spent fixing the bed…. Terry style!!

The original construction: Headboard and footboard bolted to frame rails. On the inside of each frame rail is a board that is used to support the box spring (the ledge it sits on). Four slats span width wise from ledge to ledge for added support. Our frame rail is intact. The box spring support ledge and two slats on the bottom right corner is what’s broke.

Tools Needed:20121218-135849.jpg

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Saw (we used circular)
  • Drywall Screws (Size will vary depending on thickness of existing frame)
  • Drill
  • 4 2×4’s 61.5″ long (measurement will vary depending on your bed)
  • 4 2×4’s 7.5″ long (measurement will vary depending on your bed)


1. Miserably toss and turn in bed for hours before moving to the couch…repeat for two nights.
2. Wake up sore and tired each morning and complain about the bed, rightfully nicknamed ‘the torture chamber’.
3. On day three, remove mattress and box springs.
4. Measure from inside frame rail to inside frame rail width wise. Ours = 61.5″
5. Measure the inside frame rail length wise. Ours = 76″
6. Terry likes illustrations….he draws most projects and thoughts…literally….draw a diagram…I don’t know that he ever looked back at it, but he had it for reference just in case. The bed remained in our room and he cut the boards in the garage, so this may have saved him a trip into the house to re-verify a measurement.
20121218-135431.jpgWe used what we had on hand for repairs. If the damage had been on the outside of the bed, where it could be seen, I would have purchased a better looking wood. Since this was underneath, I didn’t much care what it looks like and Terry used various 2×4 boards lying around the garage.
7. Cut 4 2×4’s for the width of the bed you measured. Ours = 61.5″.
8. Terry used the original slats (1×2’s) to reinforce the support ledge. They each originally measured 61.5″ and were cut to 38″. A couple of our slats were broke, but there was enough good wood to cut into the dimensions needed. If needed, you may use a 20″ and an 18″ piece to = the 38″ needed. Make sure not to place the seam over the break. Place 2 of the 1×2’s end for end on the right side support ledge and the other 2 on the left side support ledge also end for end. Screw them to the existing support ledge. We have now created the reinforcement needed to provide actual support.
9. Using the cut 2×4’s as the new slats, place the first 19″ from the end of the frame rail spanning the width of the bed and resting on the new support ledges. Secure with drywall screws. Continue adding the slats every 19″ untilall are used.
10. As an added support feature (cuz Terry makes sure his stuff will last) he added short center legs and a center support beam. The beam measured the same length as the frame rail and was screwed to the under-side of the slats. He then used the 7.5” pieces as legs supporting the slats, screwed to the side of the beam. (see pic)
11. You are now ready to place the box spring and mattress on your newly repaired bed frame.
It’s better than it ever was 🙂 can’t wait for bedtime!!


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