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T Mae’s Tattoo

Terri Mae, my step daughter, is getting a tatoo today.


Grimey and T Mae are going over final tweaks on color before the gun comes out…

Let’s see what it looks like……looks great, Grimey!! Beautiful artwork.

Alrighty, let’s get this started!!


She started about an hour ago…first nervous and excited then making faces like someone was twisting a needle in her gut. Most areas don’t seem to be so painful, but some are bringing her right off the table 🙂 I’m only enjoying this a little bit!

20120925-141354.jpgCheck out that grip!!!

I think I see the outline….lookin’ good!! I know the tender spots..lol…come on T Mae, just hang in there!! I don’t know if I could commit to the size and pain of this tattoo. She’s got me on this me one!


This is only our first setting at Grimey’s…more to come within a couple of weeks….feel free to visit grimeyinctattoos.com




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