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Snowy Ridge

The night the snow began.....Most probably know about the storm that slammed New Jersey and the eastern coast this week. Well, I don’t like the damage that comes with a big storm, but I sure do love the snow I received from it :). I awoke to the most beautiful ridge view I have seen yet. We ended up with some thick snow in areas, more than forecasted. I was so excited to hear we had some coming, but didn’t have my hopes too high as we tend to get good snows when it isn’t forecasted.

To my surprise I awoke Tuesday morning with a gorgeous white blanket. I grabbed the camera and shot a pic from every window and door I could access. On the neighboring ridgeTerry’s cousin Paul and wife Anita happened to be in town overnight and witnessed my silliness that stemmed from the excitement of the white stuff. Paul just rolls his eyes and grins…shakes his head a little and lets it go. Anita hates the cold, the snow, the ice…everything winter is. She wasn’t as forgiving as Paul when it come to my eagerness to make sure I could see snow from every window.

Every year I ask for snow on my birthday. It rarely happens. Most of the time the first snow comes a week to two later. My birthday is today. Not only did I get some snow close to my birthday, but it was an excellent first snow that I could enjoy all day.

Carey’s school cancelled…. a snow day already, in October…anyway, Carey got the day off and slept in. Later he joined with his neighborhood buddies and they built a snowman. It lasted about two days before the boys’ destructive side tore Frosty to the ground. I love this time of year!!!

Since we are now officially in November, I’m starting my Christmas decorating planning. I hope I can find everything…since the move. I wish I had some sort of inventory list to help me out…lol…maybe this year I can make one. This will be our first Christmas in this house and it is going to be wonderful!!! I believe I’m going to start on my Christmas letter this week and have it ready for the mail when we get just a little closer. Thanksgiving is the target…Terry prefers to at least get Thanksgiving out of the way before bringing down Christmas…I reckon I don’t blame him…we need some holiday separation.

Right now, I’ll just continue enjoying my fall…after all, it is my favorite season. It was awesome to get a glimpse of the upcoming winter though.


Weekly Photo Challenge — Everyday Life


Everyday life…..Ann our beloved Boxer, spends most her days doing just this…..watching. Watching for birds, deer, rabbit, and anything that moves. She is mesmerized by what she sees and seems to be soaking it in. She stands watch, keeps guard….making sure all is right in our world. Everyday life for Ann is about the family, about making sure all are present and accounted for.

Ann is 9 years and a half years old. She is spoiled but not rotten and full of enough love for all around her to get plenty. Ann is the first dog I’ve had that makes me understand ‘man’s best friend’.

Weekly Photo Challenge — Free Spirit


A double set of free spirits….

a walk on the ridge

Terry and I went for a walk on the ridge today. First time since moving out here that I’ve been out on the ridge. We’ve only been here two weeks so it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I have admired the ridge from my porch and upper deck..it is beautiful and we fell in love the very first time we saw it!! So when the sun went down, Terry and I went for our walk.

It was a gorgeous journey through the tall grass. The house was beautiful from over here.

Terry had already cut trails in the high grass, but he couldn’t see the deer very well so he decided to take this opportunity to mow. On his way from the barn with the mower, He grabbed me a chair…so here I sit, watching the leaves change, feeling the air cool down, and taking pictures in hopes to capture the pure beauty before me.















Stella, a daughter-in-law was at the house visiting with two of her kids, Lenea and Christopher. Chance, Terri Mae’s son was also there as had stayed over the night before with Christopher. Chance, age 5 and Christopher age 7 are out back playing with sticks and acorns. I had a great idea…..”hey boys,” I bellowed from the upper deck. “Grab that bucket over there, load you a whole bunch of acorns, and see who can throw the farthest over that fence into the trees.” I’m thinking….Terry will be so proud of me, I got all the nuts out of the yard so mowing wouldn’t be a combative sport similar to that of dodge ball. Go me!!

Stella and i return to our business of unpacking boxes from my recent move. The house was still cluttered and the items we need….somewhere in one of these boxes. We were making great progress….the boys gathering acorns, Lenea folding clothes….she is such a good helper. A little coffee and we were buzzing through boxes and making a house a home.

I heard a strange noise….I looked at Stella. TING! TING! What in the heck?!? It’s coming from the back of the house. We peek out the back window only to find the boys throwing the acorns at a previously made target in the backyard. Ohhhhhh man…I was trying to get the nuts out of the yard…now they’re just moved across the yard….great….all that hard work in getting them moved…what to do? What to do!!


lol..couldn’t help it

I’m sitting on the deck……iPadding…..and this nut comes from the top of a tree, down a branch, changes direction, hits another branch, changes direction again, falls a few feet, hits the railing of my deck, slams the floor of the deck, rolls across the floor, hits a chair leg, then comes to rest inches from my toe…..I think that nut is out to get me 🙂


Life on the Ridge

Gooooood morning! I sit atop my upper floor deck overlooking my ridge. We’ve just purchased a home that sits up and behind all others….our elevation, 900 feet. The 15 acres slope downward and the view from my deck is of the valley and other ridges…..I can see for miles. We had some rain last night….it’s a little foggy, but gives a mystic feel to the air. The tree tops are poking through the low clouds and the sun is trying to burn its way through. The light chirps of the birds in the tree tops are calling on the sun.


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