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Rainy Day on the Ridge…Bed Repair

It’s a rainy day up here on the ridge. We’ve seen lots of rain in the past two weeks; the season change is in the air as winter approaches. We have already had a snowfall… came from the hurricane and not typical for us for that time of year. Usually, we end up with good winter days in January and February. I can remember many Christmas travels done in the rain/sleet/snow weather versus the snowy weather. It does feels like we are at unseasonably warm temps for December, though. So, as it rains, I think of all the outside jobs we have still to do. Of course, there is plenty to do on the inside, but I was just thinkin’…..

A couple days ago, Terry and I were messing around in the bedroom, play fighting…(don’t worry, this isn’t that kind of blog :)) and I pushed, he pulled, and we ended up falling on the corner of the bed. Needless to say, we broke it… Terry looked it over and Terry-rigged it until he could get to it. It held, but was extremely uncomfortable. Daytime obligations pushed the bed fix off by two days. So, this rainy day on the ridge will be spent fixing the bed…. Terry style!!

The original construction: Headboard and footboard bolted to frame rails. On the inside of each frame rail is a board that is used to support the box spring (the ledge it sits on). Four slats span width wise from ledge to ledge for added support. Our frame rail is intact. The box spring support ledge and two slats on the bottom right corner is what’s broke.

Tools Needed:20121218-135849.jpg

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Saw (we used circular)
  • Drywall Screws (Size will vary depending on thickness of existing frame)
  • Drill
  • 4 2×4’s 61.5″ long (measurement will vary depending on your bed)
  • 4 2×4’s 7.5″ long (measurement will vary depending on your bed)


1. Miserably toss and turn in bed for hours before moving to the couch…repeat for two nights.
2. Wake up sore and tired each morning and complain about the bed, rightfully nicknamed ‘the torture chamber’.
3. On day three, remove mattress and box springs.
4. Measure from inside frame rail to inside frame rail width wise. Ours = 61.5″
5. Measure the inside frame rail length wise. Ours = 76″
6. Terry likes illustrations….he draws most projects and thoughts…literally….draw a diagram…I don’t know that he ever looked back at it, but he had it for reference just in case. The bed remained in our room and he cut the boards in the garage, so this may have saved him a trip into the house to re-verify a measurement.
20121218-135431.jpgWe used what we had on hand for repairs. If the damage had been on the outside of the bed, where it could be seen, I would have purchased a better looking wood. Since this was underneath, I didn’t much care what it looks like and Terry used various 2×4 boards lying around the garage.
7. Cut 4 2×4’s for the width of the bed you measured. Ours = 61.5″.
8. Terry used the original slats (1×2’s) to reinforce the support ledge. They each originally measured 61.5″ and were cut to 38″. A couple of our slats were broke, but there was enough good wood to cut into the dimensions needed. If needed, you may use a 20″ and an 18″ piece to = the 38″ needed. Make sure not to place the seam over the break. Place 2 of the 1×2’s end for end on the right side support ledge and the other 2 on the left side support ledge also end for end. Screw them to the existing support ledge. We have now created the reinforcement needed to provide actual support.
9. Using the cut 2×4’s as the new slats, place the first 19″ from the end of the frame rail spanning the width of the bed and resting on the new support ledges. Secure with drywall screws. Continue adding the slats every 19″ untilall are used.
10. As an added support feature (cuz Terry makes sure his stuff will last) he added short center legs and a center support beam. The beam measured the same length as the frame rail and was screwed to the under-side of the slats. He then used the 7.5” pieces as legs supporting the slats, screwed to the side of the beam. (see pic)
11. You are now ready to place the box spring and mattress on your newly repaired bed frame.
It’s better than it ever was 🙂 can’t wait for bedtime!!


The Nerve

Today is November 7th…the day after the close presidential election between Obama and Romney. Today’s talks have encompassed the entire campaign that landed these gentlemen where they are.

I instead, want to write about something different.

I can’t believe the nerve of people sometimes!!! Ok, we’ve lived here on the ridge for a few months now. Terry has already planned his hunting for the season and has set all of his deer stands in various trees. They were strategically placed on the edges of the property facing our property allowing the maximum amount of viewing area. You have to understand, Terry is an avid hunter…everything is meticulously placed, we stay away from the area to allow the scent to dissipate, we observe deer patterns for months, and target shoot repeatedly to ensure the proper hunt and kill. He is particular when it comes to the hunt.

So, this morning, I’m up early, working in the office, checking emails and such. I started on the coffee then one of the trips through the house; I noticed movement on the far side of the ridge at the edge of the trees. There’s a guy messing with one of the ladders…his build is similar to Terry, I thought Terry was in bed. I knew I hadn’t seen him go out. The guy disappears down the hill and was quickly out of site. I ran up the stairs and opened the bedroom door and Terry was fast asleep all bundled under the blankets. I awoke everyone and ran out the door. I drove the truck to the edge of the ridge. I can’t see anyone or the ladder. I scream into the woods “Who do you think you are?” “Better get our stuff back up here!!! NOW!!!”

Terry and a friend Trey were making their way across the ridge. My toes were frozen as all I was wearing was summer slippers. I met them with the truck and finished walking to the house. I watched from the windows and hoped to see something. Both of them were gone for a spell. Soon, Terry leaves out the driveway and heads down the road. Now I’m worried. Terry is an even-tempered person, laid back, easy to get along with…but…when something like this is going on….his inner younger ‘i’ll take care of this’ self comes out.

After a few more minutes a black pick up pulls into the drive and up near the garage. I can see into the bed of his truck from the upstairs window and see Terry’s stands in it. I take off down the stairs and out the door. “Did I just pass him?” He yelled from the truck.

“Yes! They will be right back!! Was that you in the woods??

“Yes” he said dropping his head.


“I know you are new here, but the stands were on my trees. I’ve had a lot of trespassers. Your line is a couple of feet over…I should have handled it different”

What the crap….are you kidding me??? I don’t understand the logic!!

Terry pulled in and claimed his items from the guy’s truck…then he emptied his pockets of the washers and nuts and handed them to Terry. I think all spoke their piece on the issue before settling down some. We don’t need a Hatfield and McCoy situation…I don’t want to not get along with the neighbors. They shook hands and parted ways.

Back inside, Terry and Trey tell their daring story of hunting for our stuff. The guy was in camo and hiding behind a tree in the bottoms. As Terry headed toward him, he told them they were trespassing and needed to leave….there were several words exchange and the guy was denying having anything to do with it. While Terry confronted him, Trey walked around looking for the ladder. Come to find out, he already had the other tree stand too.

I just don’t get it!! Am I missing something? We are sensible people…we can talk…we can reason…I think a simple knock on the door would have worked…

Snowy Ridge

The night the snow began.....Most probably know about the storm that slammed New Jersey and the eastern coast this week. Well, I don’t like the damage that comes with a big storm, but I sure do love the snow I received from it :). I awoke to the most beautiful ridge view I have seen yet. We ended up with some thick snow in areas, more than forecasted. I was so excited to hear we had some coming, but didn’t have my hopes too high as we tend to get good snows when it isn’t forecasted.

To my surprise I awoke Tuesday morning with a gorgeous white blanket. I grabbed the camera and shot a pic from every window and door I could access. On the neighboring ridgeTerry’s cousin Paul and wife Anita happened to be in town overnight and witnessed my silliness that stemmed from the excitement of the white stuff. Paul just rolls his eyes and grins…shakes his head a little and lets it go. Anita hates the cold, the snow, the ice…everything winter is. She wasn’t as forgiving as Paul when it come to my eagerness to make sure I could see snow from every window.

Every year I ask for snow on my birthday. It rarely happens. Most of the time the first snow comes a week to two later. My birthday is today. Not only did I get some snow close to my birthday, but it was an excellent first snow that I could enjoy all day.

Carey’s school cancelled…. a snow day already, in October…anyway, Carey got the day off and slept in. Later he joined with his neighborhood buddies and they built a snowman. It lasted about two days before the boys’ destructive side tore Frosty to the ground. I love this time of year!!!

Since we are now officially in November, I’m starting my Christmas decorating planning. I hope I can find everything…since the move. I wish I had some sort of inventory list to help me out…lol…maybe this year I can make one. This will be our first Christmas in this house and it is going to be wonderful!!! I believe I’m going to start on my Christmas letter this week and have it ready for the mail when we get just a little closer. Thanksgiving is the target…Terry prefers to at least get Thanksgiving out of the way before bringing down Christmas…I reckon I don’t blame him…we need some holiday separation.

Right now, I’ll just continue enjoying my fall…after all, it is my favorite season. It was awesome to get a glimpse of the upcoming winter though.

Ridge Update



Been super busy lately……we decided to run/acquire a goat farm, set up deer stands for the upcoming hunting season, worked on the truck that insists on being unfixable, and began winterizing our farm for winter. Wheeeeew!! Tired now!!


The goats: mom calls and says would you like some goats? I reply with, in the spring maybe. She calls a couple days later and says the goats are free. Well, I like anyone looking for the deal of a lifetime was very interested in free. I live by ‘if it’s free, it’s for me’!! So we make the 3 hour trip to mom’s to pick up our new family members. The mama, Sara, and her two kids are loaded and ready for the trip south. My brother James came by and started talking about a bloodhound that was looking for a home….and again….if it is free, it is for me and Cletus a full grown bloodhound joined the traveling group for the ride to their new home.


Sara and the kids settled right into their stall and pin. We have luscious grass and no animals have been here in awhile, I hoped they liked what we had to offer. I researched raising goats to make sure we were on the right track and found that goats don’t eat much grass….they prefer brush, trees, weeds, high brushy grasses, and the rougher things in life. Well, I guess I struck out there with the luscious grass. They nibble on the grass, but you can tell they want the edge of the yard where the brush is.

While we were picking up Sara, the seller, Johnny, offered and talked us into two more goats. Another doe, this one pregnant and a billy. The billy was all the kids’ dad. Lucy only had one kid, another buck to add to the herd. We now have some for sale in order to acquire more does. They are pretty cool to watch frolicking about the pin…Terry gave them some blocks and a slide to play on and they love it.

Cletus, the bloodhound, is doing excellent. We set him all up and he seems happy. He is a sweetheart!!


Terry has hunting on his mind. His son, cousins, and a friend all itching to go hunting came out to scope it all out. They set some stands and the boys took their bows into the woods to try their luck. They saw a little activity, but nothing close enough to get with a bow. That just made their fever worse….


Our truck of 3 years has a little problem. The air suspension pump decided it was ready to retire and our truck now sits on the frame and will make you sea sick to ride in. Went from the best ride to the worse ride in just a couple minutes. We look like rag dolls being tossed all over. Terry calls it the paralyzer. It literally hurts to go for a ride. So one of the boys, Chris and Terry worked on an after market air shock system. They used the line from the air shocks and hooked them in through our air bags and now we just stop at a local station and pump up the shocks. Now our ‘before taking a trip’ stop consists of gas, oil, and air for tires and shocks…lol…mom and dad always said the more features and stuff you have, the more to brake down later!! I reckon they are right.

Tuesday our fuel tank was delivered for the furnace…all this winterizing and we still didn’t have heat. Luckily, it’s been a little cold, but not too much for us to handle with a kerosene heater.

I love the seasons change. The colors, the cool!! I’ve tried to take daily pics of the ridge as it is changing fast. We went to mom’s for a couple of days and when we came back….wow, lots of change. It is beautiful out there. The reds and coppers and orange, and yellow….ohhhhh I love fall!!


Weekly Photo Challenge — Everyday Life


Everyday life…..Ann our beloved Boxer, spends most her days doing just this…..watching. Watching for birds, deer, rabbit, and anything that moves. She is mesmerized by what she sees and seems to be soaking it in. She stands watch, keeps guard….making sure all is right in our world. Everyday life for Ann is about the family, about making sure all are present and accounted for.

Ann is 9 years and a half years old. She is spoiled but not rotten and full of enough love for all around her to get plenty. Ann is the first dog I’ve had that makes me understand ‘man’s best friend’.

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