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Snowy Ridge

The night the snow began.....Most probably know about the storm that slammed New Jersey and the eastern coast this week. Well, I don’t like the damage that comes with a big storm, but I sure do love the snow I received from it :). I awoke to the most beautiful ridge view I have seen yet. We ended up with some thick snow in areas, more than forecasted. I was so excited to hear we had some coming, but didn’t have my hopes too high as we tend to get good snows when it isn’t forecasted.

To my surprise I awoke Tuesday morning with a gorgeous white blanket. I grabbed the camera and shot a pic from every window and door I could access. On the neighboring ridgeTerry’s cousin Paul and wife Anita happened to be in town overnight and witnessed my silliness that stemmed from the excitement of the white stuff. Paul just rolls his eyes and grins…shakes his head a little and lets it go. Anita hates the cold, the snow, the ice…everything winter is. She wasn’t as forgiving as Paul when it come to my eagerness to make sure I could see snow from every window.

Every year I ask for snow on my birthday. It rarely happens. Most of the time the first snow comes a week to two later. My birthday is today. Not only did I get some snow close to my birthday, but it was an excellent first snow that I could enjoy all day.

Carey’s school cancelled…. a snow day already, in October…anyway, Carey got the day off and slept in. Later he joined with his neighborhood buddies and they built a snowman. It lasted about two days before the boys’ destructive side tore Frosty to the ground. I love this time of year!!!

Since we are now officially in November, I’m starting my Christmas decorating planning. I hope I can find everything…since the move. I wish I had some sort of inventory list to help me out…lol…maybe this year I can make one. This will be our first Christmas in this house and it is going to be wonderful!!! I believe I’m going to start on my Christmas letter this week and have it ready for the mail when we get just a little closer. Thanksgiving is the target…Terry prefers to at least get Thanksgiving out of the way before bringing down Christmas…I reckon I don’t blame him…we need some holiday separation.

Right now, I’ll just continue enjoying my fall…after all, it is my favorite season. It was awesome to get a glimpse of the upcoming winter though.


another day on the ridge

Another day on the ridge and we are making progress. The first order of business was to do some house repairs and paint. Second, get moved in. Third, start winterizing. We attempted to time everything in a way that we were not moving in the dead of summer, but still have enough time to winterize before the snow flies. I love winter and snow….I can do without the ice….but I guess we take the good with the bad. Most think I’m nuts for loving the snow like I do. I think because I grew up in Florida and had excruciating summers and no winters may be some of the reason I love the snow. Either way, I want to be ready. I’m secretly hoping for a snow that keeps us from leaving the ridge…fully prepared for it, of course.

The house from first sight was the perfect one for us. It contained everything on our list of wants. We had looked at several houses, but this one felt like home! It was horrible waiting for a yay or nay on our offer….then waiting for closing. I’m patient, but…..oh I couldn’t wait to get here!

I began picking out colors for the walls, carpet for the floors, new decorating ideas as well as sift through what I had and deciding what I was done with. Wow, what a process. All the colors I had picked out changed when I went to purchase the paint. I knew what I wanted, but something else in my mind was trying to decorate differently. Glad the real me stepped in or I would have been in an elegant, fancy, expensive farmhouse that no one could relax in. What we ended with is totally us all the way down to the camo living room.



We are technically on a farm…we have 15 acres, 2 barnes, and the house, but no animals. We are surrounded by trees and nature. My son’s wish; to build a dirt bike track to ride and play on. My husband’s wish; hunting, peace and quiet, bird and deer watching and feeding. All great ideas. I just wanted a place of my own, a beautiful place to call home. I was never ready to settle down some where in particular, I had plans to go beyond where I was.


After traveling with work for a period of time, I was ready to settle down and call somewhere home permanently. Out of the places we had been and spent time, southern Ohio was going to be our final destination. So, here we are…found a beautiful farmhouse up on a ridge hidden behind trees right next to a state forest in southern Ohio. We worked on the house prior to moving during which time we stayed at Terri Mae’s. The old house was 5 hours away in Indiana so this was a big move for us. Our things sat in trailers borrowed from my dad while we waited for the carpet to be installed.




It is so nice to be mostly unpacked…finding my pretties and setting them around. I’ve only moved a couple items that I’ve already placed…I don’t think that’s too bad.


Yesterday, Terry trimmed trees in the back yard. Some of the neighborhood boys came to hang out with Carey and ended up doing yard work. It worked out well for Terry, he cut the branches off the tree and the boys cut the branches into firewood and moved it across the yard for drying. Things were coming together very nicely.


We had a storm come across the state last night and hit us in the very early morning and lasting until almost noon. It is our biggest storm here yet….the pic is through our living room window.

20120908-162936.jpg The storm brought cool temps…I had to find my hoodie and sweats just to hang around the house. I love the cool though, so I very much so enjoyed today. Terri Mae came over to spend the day and night, Rod had a job out of state this weekend and she didn’t want to be board. I’ve helped her start a blog…she’s managed one post and spends the rest of the time hanging out with us.

20120908-164433.jpg had to share some of the work crew…..the grandkids!!

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