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The Nerve

Today is November 7th…the day after the close presidential election between Obama and Romney. Today’s talks have encompassed the entire campaign that landed these gentlemen where they are.

I instead, want to write about something different.

I can’t believe the nerve of people sometimes!!! Ok, we’ve lived here on the ridge for a few months now. Terry has already planned his hunting for the season and has set all of his deer stands in various trees. They were strategically placed on the edges of the property facing our property allowing the maximum amount of viewing area. You have to understand, Terry is an avid hunter…everything is meticulously placed, we stay away from the area to allow the scent to dissipate, we observe deer patterns for months, and target shoot repeatedly to ensure the proper hunt and kill. He is particular when it comes to the hunt.

So, this morning, I’m up early, working in the office, checking emails and such. I started on the coffee then one of the trips through the house; I noticed movement on the far side of the ridge at the edge of the trees. There’s a guy messing with one of the ladders…his build is similar to Terry, I thought Terry was in bed. I knew I hadn’t seen him go out. The guy disappears down the hill and was quickly out of site. I ran up the stairs and opened the bedroom door and Terry was fast asleep all bundled under the blankets. I awoke everyone and ran out the door. I drove the truck to the edge of the ridge. I can’t see anyone or the ladder. I scream into the woods “Who do you think you are?” “Better get our stuff back up here!!! NOW!!!”

Terry and a friend Trey were making their way across the ridge. My toes were frozen as all I was wearing was summer slippers. I met them with the truck and finished walking to the house. I watched from the windows and hoped to see something. Both of them were gone for a spell. Soon, Terry leaves out the driveway and heads down the road. Now I’m worried. Terry is an even-tempered person, laid back, easy to get along with…but…when something like this is going on….his inner younger ‘i’ll take care of this’ self comes out.

After a few more minutes a black pick up pulls into the drive and up near the garage. I can see into the bed of his truck from the upstairs window and see Terry’s stands in it. I take off down the stairs and out the door. “Did I just pass him?” He yelled from the truck.

“Yes! They will be right back!! Was that you in the woods??

“Yes” he said dropping his head.


“I know you are new here, but the stands were on my trees. I’ve had a lot of trespassers. Your line is a couple of feet over…I should have handled it different”

What the crap….are you kidding me??? I don’t understand the logic!!

Terry pulled in and claimed his items from the guy’s truck…then he emptied his pockets of the washers and nuts and handed them to Terry. I think all spoke their piece on the issue before settling down some. We don’t need a Hatfield and McCoy situation…I don’t want to not get along with the neighbors. They shook hands and parted ways.

Back inside, Terry and Trey tell their daring story of hunting for our stuff. The guy was in camo and hiding behind a tree in the bottoms. As Terry headed toward him, he told them they were trespassing and needed to leave….there were several words exchange and the guy was denying having anything to do with it. While Terry confronted him, Trey walked around looking for the ladder. Come to find out, he already had the other tree stand too.

I just don’t get it!! Am I missing something? We are sensible people…we can talk…we can reason…I think a simple knock on the door would have worked…


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